List of Equipment Used in Futsal

Players chase a football on a rainy day on futsal turf in Chennai.
Sports is an activity that promotes physical fitness. It's a fun activity to do in your leisure time. Futsal is a popular sport that attracts a large number of participants. Futsal is similar to soccer but on a relaxed scale. Futsal players are limited to 5 individuals per team, with a small ball and a field. Each player must have futsal equipment like balls, clothes, shoes, and so on. Individuals who have played Futsal frequently may already be familiar with and possess the necessary equipment. In this blog, let us discuss the essential equipment that must be used while playing on a futsal turf in Chennai.

Top Three Important Equipment Needed While Playing in a Futsal Turf

The three primary pieces of equipment are:


Futsal balls are the basic equipment to have when playing Futsal. This is because the ball is the primary element that will be hit and passed, becoming the game's focal point. The futsal ball is either supplied by the club or rented. However, teams can also split the fund and purchase the ball based on the team's specifications. A Futsal ball is similar to a soccer ball but is smaller to fit on a smaller field. It comes in a variety of colours and looks. Choose a good futsal ball that meets the needs of the team since a good futsal ball would deliver a joyful playing experience.


A futsal shirt, commonly known as a jersey, must be provided prior to playing Futsal. To play Futsal, you can wear any clothing. But a random shirt will make you less comfortable, and your appearance will be non-sporty. In addition to safeguarding the body from dirt, futsal clothing serves as a distinctive identity for the opposition team. Jersey shirts are made of polyester, a popular athletic clothing material. This material is sturdy, resistant to damage, not easily torn, lightweight, and simple to use. Futsal clothing is usually accompanied by the player's jersey number and name.


The futsal pants come as a set with futsal clothes. You can wear any pants you like. However, aside from the less stylish and uncomfortable appearance, the improper pants will be challenging to play with. Wearing regular pants restricts movement and increases sweating. Polyester pants are the best option as they will be gentle on the skin and reduce perspiration production due to good air circulation, and protect your thighs from scratches while playing.

Other Important Gear to Buy While Playing in a Futsal Turf

The other important gear every player must purchase are:

A small boy and a trainer playing futsal on a futsal turf in Chennai.


The most important factors to consider when selecting shoes are durability and comfort. Futsal shoes are crucial as the player might lag in performance without proper futsal shoes. Great quality futsal shoes are often composed of synthetic leather that is elastic enough to conform to the curve of the foot. Soccer shoes have soles with a serrated surface or elevated soles. These shoes are utilised on grassy fields and require a firm grip. In contrast to futsal shoes, which are worn on a hard and flat court, the soles are flat and relatively soft in comparison to soccer shoes.


Socks must be worn to protect the calves from scratches while playing Futsal. The socks utilised for Futsal are long; they go up to the knees to protect the calves. Socks are made of soft material to wear, which is nothing but wool. You can choose the colour of your socks based on your preferences, but make sure they match the colours of your shirts and jersey pants.

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Additional Information on the Necessary Equipment for Futsal

The other necessary equipment to invest in while playing the game futsal include:


Dekker, as the names suggest, is used in safeguarding the feet, particularly the knees and shins, from impact to avoid injury. This foot protector should be worn prior to wearing socks. The socks will secure the calf's shin. Dekker is typically composed of rubber or any other elastic material. To prevent injury while playing, this equipment must definitely be worn.


A view of indoor futsal turf in Chennai.

The keeper has to wear gloves. It increases the chance of a keeper catching the ball without being harmed by its speed. If you don't wear gloves, you risk injuring yourself by getting bruised or sprained fingers from rapid darting balls. Furthermore, the chances of capturing the ball are low, and the ball may escape capture if gloves are not used. When selecting gloves, ensure they are constructed of an elastic material that allows the hands to move freely when catching the ball. Pick one with a clip, so it doesn't fall off during use. Remember to match the look with the futsal suit to make it seem sportier.

Wrap Up
Remember that comfortable equipment can create a unique and joyful playing experience. Thus, the equipment mentioned above is essential while participating in Futsal. Contact Dugout Trampoline and Sports Arena, the best indoor sports arena in Chennai, if you wish to learn Futsal in the most professional way.

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