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Gear up for a different kind of fun! Climb inside the inflated Zorb ball and roll downhill or bounce around!
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Imagine yourself inside a gigantic ball, bouncing and rolling around without a care in the world! That’s Zorb ball for you! Zorbing is the latest bucket list adventure activity that everyone’s talking about and Dugout brings it right to Chennai. The Zorb ball is a PVC or Polyurethane ball filled with air or water. A harness or strap secures people inside the ball to roll down an incline at speeds up to 30 mph!
This sport couldn't be simpler- You climb into a giant inflatable ball, secure yourself with the safety harness and let gravity take you on a roller coaster ride. 

At Dugout, Zorbing is extra fun because our Zorbing area is created with an excellent steep that allows you to roll out of control. Worried about your safety? Relax! Dugout’s trained experts are always on the lookout for your safety while you have the time of your life. So, get Zorbing today!

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Zorb ball ARENA

The Benefits You Enjoy With Zorbing

If you thought that only fun and craziness were a part of the Zorbing experience, you are in for a surprise! Zorbing has countless benefits that not many are aware of. The sport:
Pumps up your heart rate and lets you work up a sweat without really exercising.
Provides a unique relaxing experience with your family and friends.
Pulls you out of your comfort zone and leaves you feeling invigorated.
Just imagine the fun you will all have tumbling downhill or playing bubble soccer in your own zorb balls! If you are a free-spirited person looking for some unusual kind of fun with excitement coursing through your veins, Zorbing is the sport for you.

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Zorbing is next-level fun! Come to Dugout and experience the thrill for yourself.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we play football with Zorb ball?
No, it is not advisable to play football with Zorb ball. Zorbing is a sport that involves two players rolling inside a large inflatable ball while attempting to perform various maneuvers. It is not suitable for playing football. As many people like playing Zorb ball and we also have many additional activities that will have you crashing into one another. If there are two or more, you'll laugh until your stomach hurt. If you have any more creative uses for our bubbles, please let us know!
Is this an outdoor or an indoor facility?
Yes, this is indoors. We operate in a climate-controlled, covered court which allows us to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our customers. All visitors have access to a range of amenities, including a modern seating area, a bar and a range of refreshments. Our court is also the perfect setting for events, tournaments and team-building activities. We have the facilities and expertise to provide a complete package to ensure that your event is enjoyable and successful. Contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.
How safe is Zorb ball?
Zorb ball is a safe sport that uses two inflatable spheres, one inside the other. The bubble suit is composed of an inner and outer sphere with a thick layer of air in between. The inner sphere is where the participant is securely placed, while the outer sphere is in contact with the external ground. The bubble suit is made of durable material to absorb impact and the inner sphere contains two straps and two handles to ensure a secure fit and additional safety. With these safety measures, you can rest assured that playing Zorb ball will be a safe and fun experience.
Do the bubble suits have a foul smell?
Zorb Ball in Chennai is an exciting and thrilling adventure sport. The zorb ball is made of durable PVC material and has two layers of air inside, making it safe and secure. To ensure maximum safety, we have trained professionals to ensure that all safety guidelines are adhered to while playing the game. We take great care to keep our facility clean and well-maintained. After each game, we disinfect, wash and maintain all of our bubble suits to keep them hygienic and odor-free.
Is there any specific clothes to carry or wear?
Zorbing is a fun and exciting activity available in Chennai which involves rolling down a hill or an inclined surface in a large inflatable ball. It is mandatory to wear a clean pair of indoor running shoes in order to enter the arena. In order to protect yourself from being hurt, we recommend that you wear loose-fitting clothes like a t-shirt and shorts. STUDLES/BLADES are NOT permitted on the football pitch. Furthermore, we strongly advise taking off jewellery before the gameplay. Also, don't forget to pack some clean clothing and some water. There are several safety regulations in place to ensure the safety of all participants, so please be sure to follow them. Have fun and enjoy your zorbing experience!
How do I put on the zorb ball?
Zorb ball in Chennai is an exciting activity, perfect for a fun-filled day out. It is basically a giant inflatable ball that you can climb inside and roll down a slope or hill. It is a safe and fun activity for all ages and can be enjoyed in groups or individually. In Chennai, there are a few amusement parks, water parks and resorts that offer this fun activity. The Zorb ball is made of a transparent plastic and has two air chambers, one inside the other. The inner air chamber is cushioned with air and the outer is filled with water. This ensures that you remain safe and secure as you roll down the hill. The ball also has a strong handle to hold onto, as well as highly durable shoulder straps. This ensures that you'll be fully secure in your zorb ball and have an enjoyable time.
Does it matter if my hair is long?
Yes, to play zorb ball you need to be dressed comfortably and it is recommended that you tie your hair back before you start the game. You must also wear the proper safety gear, including helmets and knee guards. It is important to follow the safety guidelines and instructions that come with the ball.
Are zorb balls convenient to wear and simple to use?
Yes, zorb balls are very convenient to wear and simple to use. They are lightweight and easy to fit and you can easily adjust the straps to fit snugly. You simply slip the ball on your back and secure the straps around your legs and waist. They have an inner layer that is designed to keep you comfortable and prevent any kind of discomfort. The outside layer is designed to ensure that it is waterproof and to protect you from any kind of impact. They are also designed to be very sturdy, so you can be sure that you will remain safe and secure while you are using it. Zorb balls are widely available in Chennai, so you can easily find one that suits your needs.
Is the game gender specific? Can both men and women participate?
Yes! Actually the zorb balls ensures that men and women are on equal footing, since everyone will be equally vulnerable to being knocked down. It has become a big hit in Chennai, as it offers a fun and exciting way for people of all ages to exercise and have fun. Hence both men and women can participate in the game of Zorb Ball in Chennai.
Do I need to be really fit to play Zorb ball?
If you want to experience the thrill of bouncing around in a giant inflatable ball, then Zorb Ball in Chennai is the perfect place for you! Zorb Ball is exciting enough to roll, spin, flip and bounce your way to victory. To enjoy the game to the fullest and to be able to deal with other players knocking you down and sometimes bumping into you (just for fun! ), we highly suggest that you have a good level of fitness. This will allow you not only to enjoy at the gameplay but also helps you to handle other players bumping into you. This game involves running, but not to the extent that you need to be an Olympic runner to have fun.
I'm all set to make a reservation! So, what's next? How should I proceed?
We offer you the best Zorb Ball experience in Chennai. Get your adrenaline pumping and have a blast with your family and friends. Our Zorb Ball experience is one of a kind and you will love every minute of it. Just head over to our online book slot page to submit your inquiry or call us to book your slot. Enjoy the thrill of a lifetime and make unforgettable memories with your team. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book your slot today!
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