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Indoor Cricket at Dugout: Let the Game Begin

When it comes to Box Cricket turfs & Net Cricket, Dugout is the best in Chennai. Our specialised cricket arena is 7,000 square feet in size and features an International grade 19 mm multi-sport turf. We know the value of the game in Chennai.

Come enjoy our state-of-the-art cricket facility, With box cricket turf, cricket nets, and bowling machines, Dugout takes playing cricket to a whole new level. If you're looking for some solo cricket net fun, our bowling machine will make you keep asking for more, Try it!!

The cricket arena functions 24/7, has day and night lights, restrooms, showers, locker facility, a cafe, a first aid kits and ample parking space.


Dugout is a place for all–whether you are a die-hard cricket fan or have never picked up a bat in your life, Dugout makes the game accessible to all. And indoor cricket is not just simple, but combines fitness and competition and therefore can be enjoyed by men, women, young and old.

Like the outdoor version of the game, indoor cricket features two batsmen, a bowler, and a group of fielders. There are 60 minutes in a game. After 30 minutes, the teams will switch over and continue bowling overs. We welcome groups with a maximum of 15 players at a time to experience the fast-paced thrill of indoor cricket.

Each player gets two turns at bowling and four at the bat. The sport of indoor cricket is an excellent bonding experience for groups. Come over to the 5th Floor, The Marina Mall, OMR & Grand Mall, Velachery and experience the thrill of playing indoor cricket.

Cricket ARENA

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Box Cricket

Score big, play small:
Experience the excitement of playing cricket in a box.
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Cricket Nets

Swing with confidence:
Perfect your game at our exclusive cricket nets.
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Bowling Machine

Batting made easy:
Hit a six every time and have fun with our bowling machine.

Experience the thrill of playing indoor cricket

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of footwear is permitted on the cricket field?
Shoes with rubber studs are ideal for indoor cricket. Metal-spiked cricket shoes are not allowed on the Dugout field for indoor cricket in Chennai. For more details, call us anytime to enquire about the shoe requirements and purchase the right ones.
What facilities do Dugout Cricket Arena offer?
Dugout is the best stadium for indoor cricket in Chennai which provides cricket balls, bats, gloves, stumps, and even protective gear for the stomach area visitors and members. Each participant also has access to a bowling machine. If you want to explore the facility before enrolling, feel free to check on us anytime.
Is it possible to form a cricket team at Dugout?
Of course! You can play as a team in our indoor cricket stadium. An indoor cricket match consists of two batsmen, one bowler, and a number of fielders. A regulation game lasts for 70 minutes. Each team will bowl for 35 minutes before switching over. There can be up to eight people on each squad. There will be 16 overs, 8 for each team in this game. All players get two turns behind the bowling crease and four at the mark.
How big is your cricket field?
"Dugout is the best place for box cricket in Chennai, having a spacious place to play indoor cricket. Our indoor cricket court's minimum length is 28 metres (a little under 92 feet), while the maximum is 30 metres (or a little over 98 feet, 5 inches). The width of the court must be between 10.5 and 12 metres (34 feet, 6 inches and 39 feet, 4 inches, respectively). Our cricket facility covers an area of 7,500 square feet. "
What are the dimensions of the cricket stadium?
We are the biggest stadium for indoor cricket in Chennai. Do not think twice before enrolling your kids with us, as we can accommodate a lot of people in a single session and give individual attention with the help of highly experienced tutors.
Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement to play in the Dugout Cricket Arena?
No Limits on Age or Gender! The Dugout Cricket Arena is the best for box cricket in Chennai and does not have a minimum age requirement to participate. You can bring in your kid if they are interested and enrol them on the cricket sessions immediately.
What surface is the cricket field made of?
The 19 mm multi-sport grass at Dugout is made with international quality. Unlike every other stadium for indoor cricket in Chennai, we follow stringent safety protocols and offer world-class facilities.
Describe the cricket field.
An international standard 19 mm multi-sport turf covers the majority of our specialized cricket arena's 7,000 square feet. We are the best arena for box cricket in Chennai, providing high-quality features and facilities in town.
Does the cricket bowling machine have a certain speed?
Yes, the Dugout stadium has a particular speed at which the cricket bowling machine bombards the bowl. Please get in touch with our facility to know in-depth details about it.
How is the playing field segregated?
Dugout has a massive space for indoor cricket in Chennai, and the netting across the stadium divides the field. These special features and comfortable amenities make us stand out from the rest.
Brief on the available cricket leagues in Dugout.
Dugout has leagues that help players develop a healthy sense of competitiveness. For information about current leagues, feel free to get in touch with us. We are just one call away!
Should I get a cricket uniform to play at Dugout?
Our teams are not mandated to wear uniforms, but we advise teams to do so in order to fully engage themselves in the competitive atmosphere. We promote sports for their "social" value; thus, Dugout is the best among all.
Can you tell me whether there are lockers and showers available at the facility?
Individual locker rooms and showers are provided for both men and women. Dugout focuses on offering the best amenities in town in order to make its customers feel comfortable and indulge in physical fitness without second thoughts.
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