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Get Ready for the Ultimate Adventure!

Getting into shape and having a good time is now easier than ever! Visit Dugout, your premier destination, for an exhilarating adventure! Dive into a world of boundless excitement where bouncing on trampolines meets interactive play arenas and inflatable parks, all under one roof.

Whether you're a trampoline enthusiast or prefer the challenge of balance balls, we've got something for everyone. Thrill-seekers will delight in our interactive play arena, where heart-pounding activities await. It’s the perfect weekend getaway anyone could ask for! Join us for some fun, cheer and good health, all made possible in one place!

The Marina Mall, OMR - Dugout Trampoline & Sports Arena
Chetpet - Dugout Trampoline & Sports Arena
Grand Square Mall, Velachery - Dugout Inflatable Park
The Marina Mall, OMR - Dugout X
Phoenix Mall, Velachery - Dugout X
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Dugout is for all – not just kids but adults too! Unique, entertaining, and focused on physical fitness, Dugout will have you coming back for more. Get to the Marina Mall in OMR to try out activities like trampolining, futsal, cricket, and badminton. For those who love extreme interactive games, we have got it as well. Grand Mall, Velachery, is where we have set the base for our inflatable park and soapy football activities. Don't miss out! Give us a visit ASAP!
Trampoline Park
Inflatable Park
Box Cricket
Dugout X
Birthday Venues
Come experience our world-class trampoline arena and feel the adrenaline rush as you fly high sans wings.
A splendid inner view of a trampoline park in Chennai.
Inflatable Park
Experience a day of exhilarating fun at Dugout's Inflatable Theme Park in Chennai. Engage in exciting activities and spend a day filled with unforgettable, fun-filled moments.
Cricket turf in Chennai is ready for practice.
Box Cricket
Take your cricket skills to the next level in Chennai's premier sports facility. We have a turf, nets and bowling machines to keep you hooked all along.
A small boy and a trainer playing futsal on a futsal turf in Chennai.
A top-notch futsal turf for fans. Come and take it all in.
Dugout X
Engage in dynamic, tech-driven games and activities designed for all ages at Dugout X, our interactive play arena in Chennai, where technology meets physical activity for an unparalleled experience.
A splendid inner view of a trampoline park in Chennai.
Birthday Venues
Trampoling and fun games on your mind for birthday party? Hop on for trampoline and more games on the go to make your celebrations memorable.


We’re about taking fun to an all new height
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Dugout - Marina Mall
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Dugout - Marina Mall
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Dugout - Inflatable Park
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Dugout - Inflatable Park
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Dugout - Inflatable Park
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At Dugout Sports & Entertainment, we understand your needs and enhance your fun experience. Here are the facilities you can look forward to:
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Check out some of the exciting sports and events that take place at the Dugout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there temperature and humidity control in the facility?
Yes! We care deeply about the well-being of our guests and athletes. The Grand Mall in Velachery has a sports facility on its rooftop. At Marina Mall, OMR, both the indoor sports arena and the trampoline park are temperature and humidity regulated. The temperature control feature helps to keep the players comfortable at all times.
Is there a way to join an existing team or start one of my own?
Participants can sign up as individuals and will be assigned to a team automatically. Contact us at +91 9962120022 for The Marina Mall, OMR, or +91 98845 20022 for The Grand Square Mall, Velachery. Discuss further over the phone if adequate people are interested in forming a new team or aspire to be assigned to a certain team.
Do you host birthday parties?
Yes. Dugout is one of Chennai’s most recommended indoor sports arena, and we are only happy to host birthday parties for you. You can contact us to host a private party. We manage the entire process, from preparation to completion to final tidying up. Relax and enjoy each and every moment of the party without stress. Feel free to get in touch with us for further information.
What sort of sports training do you provide?
Dugout is the best indoor play area for adults in Chennai. We have highly qualified coaches to help you and your kids excel in whatever sport they are interested in. Our rigorous training also positively develops their mental health. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are looking for effective sports training in Chennai.
May I drop by the Sports Arena at any time to play?
Dugout is an excellent indoor sports arena in Chennai and is open throughout the day. As long as there is space, you are welcome to drop in whenever you like and utilise the turfs. In case of busy days, you can always schedule your visit and then use our turf grounds for all kinds of physical workouts. All you have to do is give us a call!
I'd want to reserve several days at once. Is it possible?
As long as the fields or courts are open, you can reserve for several days in a single shot! In order to secure dates and hours for you or your team, our customer support team may arrange many rentals at once (as early as you desire). Feel free to call us immediately; we will be pleased to get in touch with you.
How about bringing my own gear, is it okay?
Dugout is the finest sports arena in Chennai, providing standard equipment for every rental. However, you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. We follow the best hygiene practices and take measures to sanitise the equipment players use every day without fail.
Do I need to bring any special attire?
Yes! There is specific special attire that you should carry along while using Dugout, the best indoor sports arena in Chennai. When it comes to footwear, only tennis or running shoes are allowed. Wearing something that makes you feel at ease is highly advised. Things that are not permitted include scarves, jerseys, or other loosely fitting garments. The guideline is equally applicable for all our Dugout locations as we aim to offer a consistent experience at all our venues.
How do you describe Dugout's approach to cleanliness and security?
Maintaining security and cleanliness is one of our core priorities, and we never compromise on that. Sanitising treatments are used many times a day to clean the bathrooms. We have installed signs throughout the arena to promote safe behaviours such as maintaining a safe distance and washing hands. In order to ensure the well-being of our athletes, viewers, and participants, we will be closely monitoring and enhancing our procedures. Sanitisers are available in increased traffic regions. Dugout stands out from the rest with the best safety measures.
What are the distinguishing features of Dugout?
Dugout is the best indoor play area for adults, with wall-to-wall trampolines, foam pits, dodgeballs, ninja courses, battle beams, and more. We also offer soapy football, extreme interactive activities and exciting fun at inflatable parks. To know more about our distinguishing features, visit any one of our branches in Chennai!
Does the facility have lockers?
Yes! Dugout is the finest indoor play area for adults and kids in Chennai. You may leave your belongings in a locker while you play. We offer locker facilities at all our Dugout locations. It helps store all valuable belongings, aiding you with an uninterrupted and comfortable training session.
Is it okay if I carry my own drinks and snacks?
Dugout is the best indoor sports arena in Chennai, with an excellent cafeteria that sells a wide range of cuisine and drinks. However, outside food and beverages are prohibited inside the facility. This applies across all locations where we have our Dugout branches.
What is Dugout's policy on bags?
Dugout is the best indoor sports arena in Chennai, with no bag restrictions. After passing through a comprehensive security check, diaper bags and other things deemed medically essential will be let through. Big bags will be inspected visually, and this is equally applicable to all our Dugout locations. We aim to offer a consistent experience across all our branches.
Do you have a parking lot?
Yes, Dugout guests have plenty of parking space available at all our Dugout branches across Chennai. As the best indoor sports venue in Chennai, we can accommodate the vehicles of all our guests.
Can I report missing items?
Dugout, the best indoor sports arena in Chennai, will usually keep any lost belongings, so if you've forgotten something, don't hesitate to ask a staff member about it. This applies to all our branches in Chennai. However, Dugout will not store food and other perishables and will dispose of them. The occasional misplacement of an item is common but be assured that we will make every effort to take good care of your valuables if misplaced.
Does Dugout offer WiFi & Internet access?
Being the best indoor sports arena in Chennai, we take several measures to provide our customers with all the comfort. Guests at Dugout have access to free wireless Internet. You can have all the fun with your friends and get free WiFi access too.
Do I need to sign a waiver?
Yes. Dugout is the best indoor sports arena which focuses more on safety and hygiene to ensure that every customer is in safe hands at all times. Anyone who wants to leap must first sign a waiver. A legal guardian or parent must sign a minor's waiver form on their behalf.
Can I bring a camera into Dugout sports arena, or is it not allowed?
Professional photographic equipment, including cameras with zoom or long lenses bigger than four inches and external flash, are not authorised inside a sports venue. Audio recorders, video recorders, monopods, bipods, tripods, and selfie sticks are also prohibited. Streaming events live strictly forbidden. At all times, video recording devices and flash photography are strictly banned. Electronic devices and camera accessories are subject to management discretion.
Can kids play on the turf, or do they need to be supervised by an adult?
All children must have constant adult supervision unless they participate in an organised activity. Every adult needs to accompany kids in order to ensure their safety. Besides encouraging adult supervision, we have staff to constantly monitor children and have segregated kid's areas to be extra cautious of accidents.
Logo & banner image of Dugout trampoline park & sports in Chennai.
5th Floor, The Marina Mall, OMR
Trampoline Park | Zorb Ball | Box Cricket | Futsal
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5th floor, Malayalee Club, New, 28, Club Rd, M.S. Nagar, Chetpet.
Trampoline Park | Zorb Ball | Box Cricket | Futsal
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3rd Floor, Grand Square Mall, Velachery
Inflatable Park | Soap Football
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2nd Floor, The Marina Mall, OMR
(Behind KFC)
Super Grid  |  Mirror Maze & Infinity Mirror Room  |  Laser Maze 
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G 17, Lower Ground Floor, Palladium, Phoenix Market City, Indira Gandhi Nagar, Velachery
Super Grid | Target | Devils Eye | Slam | Control | Press
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