Dugout Trampoline And Sports Arena · Trampoline park in Chennai - Dugout Trampoline and Sports Arena
Dugout Trampoline And Sports Arena · Trampoline park in Chennai - Dugout Trampoline and Sports Arena

Jump High, Feel Alive

Unleash your energy and let your spirits soar high at the largest trampoline arena in Chennai.
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Get ready to soar, flip and jump at Tamilnadu's largest trampoline park, where jumping and playing knows no age limit.
Dugout’s Trampoline and Sports Arena has separate trampoline sections for adults and children, designed as per international safety standards with constant supervision. Our arena is the best place for your entire family to not only have fun but also
Burn those extra calories
Increase the heart rate
Improve stamina
Gain muscle strength
Boost overall mood
Get ready for unlimited bouncing fun! Our world-class trampoline arena is super safe and secure, designed to international standards and with constant supervision. Enjoy bouncing around worry-free. You and the kids are sure to have a blast.
Burn those extra calories
Increase the heart rate
Improve stamina
Gain muscle strength
Boost overall mood

Featured Activities

A great workout combined with fantastic, active play - that's what Dugout gives you. Fun, fitness, and entertainment abound in our Trampoline Arena. 

Jumping Arena

Try out your acrobatic skills by jumping, tumbling, and more.

Roller Bridge

Race as fast as you can and push your limits with the ultimate test of speed and balance.

Slam Dunk

Get the feel of being the world’s best footballer; polish your freestyle skills and make your kicks better.

Battle Beam

Play the perfect rivalry entertainment to knock out your opponent and stay balanced.


The wipeout challenge- Jump to escape from the padded arms of the spinning wheel.

Spider Wall

Demonstrate your Spider-Man skills on our unique spider wall.

Dodge Ball

The old game with a new twist- Not only does the dodgeball fly but so will you!


Just keep your balance. Move your way, step by step, without falling.

Foam Pit

Jump off our jumping platform into a massive foam cube pit.

Kids Trampoline Park in Chennai

Fun Sports Arena for Your Little Ones

Dugout is one of the top destinations for fun activities in Chennai for adults and kids alike. Our sports arena is packed with multiple attractions like a slam dunk arena, sliders, ninja course, ball pit and rock climbing arena to keep children entertained throughout the day.

Our trampoline park is a hotspot for children who want to spend their energy, make new friends, and have the best fun in the safest way. It is a fresh and fantastic way for your little ones to:

Develop critical motor skills

Spend their pent-up energy

Demonstrate their acrobatic skills

Learn physical stability and control

We give utmost priority to your child’s safety. So, we have the strictest standards in place to ensure the same. Our trampoline park is built in compliance with the most rigorous rules, so that your young ones bounce, soar, and leap around with complete protection under the constant supervision of our trained staff.

And you can say goodbye to boring school trips and mundane birthday parties. Our trampoline park is the go-to place for fun-filled birthday parties and school picnics!

2 adults and a girl having fun at a trampoline park for adults in Chennai.
Bring Your Little Ones to Dugout - Your One-stop Spot For Kids Activities in Chennai!

Defy Gravity and Get Ready to Soar High!

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Fun with Trampoline

Dugout Trampoline and Sports Arena - Specially designed for you to jump to your heart’s content.
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Trampoline Gallery

A collection of your joyful ‘jump’ moments.

Come to Dugout for an excellent trampoline experience! Just have fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age requirement to enter Dugout?
The dugout trampoline in Chennai is ideal for all ages. Certain attractions are divided by age and size to ensure the safety of all visitors. However, everyone can take part in all the facilities provided in the centre. Staffs continuously monitor the area to be extra cautious and prevent any mishaps.
Do we need to wear jump socks?
Yes. Trampoline parks make it compulsory for participants to wear jump socks. Remember to bring your own jump socks whenever you walk into Dugout's trampoline park in Chennai. Bear in mind that the jump socks are reusable, and wearing jump socks will help you stay safe while getting involved in all kinds of physical activities.
Do observers have to pay to see people who want to jump and play?
Jumpers must pay the regular entrance price, but spectators never do. Trampoline parks in Chennai, like the Dugout, allow viewers to watch others play free of cost. If you want to check out our services and facilities, you can walk in anytime and have a look.
Can you recommend any toddler-friendly event for my child at Dugout?
A kid-friendly trampoline park in Chennai, like the Dugout, is well-equipped with the required safety requirements like continual supervision. There are a lot of toddler activities that will keep your child excited. Your children won't feel out of place or intimidated when they join in on the fun with other children of the same age.
Where can I get information on what to dress at Dugout Trampoline Arena?
There is no hard and fast rule about what you should wear; however, we encourage you to come in activewear or athleisure. Bring your jump socks while walking to Dugout's trampoline park in Chennai if you wish to always stay safe and comfortable.
Can customers just walk in? Do I need to schedule a jump in advance?
Although walk-ins are accepted, reserving it online in advance is the best way to guarantee a specific jump time slot. This ensures that you don't have to wait in a queue and make the best use of time. Call Dugout's trampoline park in Chennai right away to book a slot.
Is there a weight restriction for the trampolines?
A person of any size and weight can use a trampoline as long as they are in good health. If you are obese or tall, do not worry; feel free to walk into Dugout's trampoline in Chennai and jump onto the bouncing surfaces for the best time of your life.
Are we allowed to jump with our kids?
Dugout, the best trampoline park for adults in Chennai, has a few activities, like the Freestyle Jump and Dodgeball, that have age and size restrictions in place to ensure everyone's safety. The remaining activities do not have any limitations, and both adults and kids can have fun together.
Can you tell me how much it costs to jump at Dugout Trampoline Arena?
The cost of a ticket at Dugout trampoline park in Chennai may vary depending on how long you want to stay. Pricing information is available upon request. Get in touch with us immediately and call us for more details. Log in to our website to learn more about our services and facilities.
When should I visit Dugout Trampoline Arena to have the most fun?
Dugout trampoline park in Chennai generally gets fewer visitors throughout the week (Monday through Thursday) and more on the weekends (Friday through Sunday). Therefore, try walking in on weekdays to have an excellent leisure-filled time at our facility.
Will I still be able to jump if I'm wearing a hard cast or a walking boot?
Get your cast off, and then visit Dugout's trampoline in Chennai. You cannot jump on the equipment while wearing a cast since it would be dangerous for you, your fellow users, and the apparatus itself. Please wait till your injury has healed to join us.
Is your trampoline park safe for children? Will they require adult supervision?

Our kids trampoline park in Chennai is one of the safest places built to suit jumpers of all ages. When it comes to safety and supervision for your children, rest assured that Dugout trampoline park has it all.

We want everyone to have fun, no matter what their age.We also have expert staff members exclusively trained to monitor children and ensure their safety.

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