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Soapy Football in Chennai

Discover the joy of playing football on a soapy field right here in Chennai! Come to Dugout today for an exciting soap football experience.
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Experience the Fun of Soap Football

Soap football refers to a recreational activity where a regular football is used for playing on an inflatable surface covered with soap water. This extra layer of soapy water adds more fun and challenges to the game.

Safety Measures

At our soap football facility in Chennai, your safety is our top priority. We want to ensure that every player enjoys the game while staying protected. Here are the safety measures we have in place:
Protective Gear
We provide a high-quality head guard that safeguards players during matches.
No Rough Play
While soap football is a fun and bouncy sport, rough physical contact is strictly prohibited. Players are encouraged to have a good time without aggressive behaviour.
Proper Supervision
Our trained staff members are on hand to oversee matches and enforce safety rules. They'll be there to assist and ensure everyone plays responsibly.
Player Guidelines
We expect all participants to adhere to our player guidelines, which emphasise fair play, sportsmanship, and mutual respect.

Join the Soapy Football Fun

Experience the thrill of soapy football in Chennai at Dugout. Book your game now and make unforgettable memories with friends and family!
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Soap Football FAQ’s

How is soap football played?
In soap football, two teams compete to score goals by kicking a soccer ball into the opposing team's net. Players wear inflatable suits that cover their upper bodies and heads, adding an element of bounciness and unpredictability to the game.
What are the basic rules of soap football?
Soap football follows traditional soccer rules with some variations. Rough physical contact is not allowed, but players can bump into each other within reason. The game is focused on enjoyment and safe play.
Is soap football safe?
When played correctly and following safety guidelines, soap football is generally safe. Players are protected by inflatable suits, but it's crucial to avoid reckless collisions to prevent injuries.
What should I wear to play soap football?
Players should wear comfortable athletic clothing, such as shorts, T-shirts, and sneakers. The facility will provide the inflatable suits or bubbles required for the game.
How can I book a soap football session?
Booking a soap football session is easy. You can contact the facility directly, visit our website, or use online booking platforms to reserve your spot.
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