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Welcome to Dugout X, the ultimate thrill zone for adventure seekers! Nestled in The Marina Mall at the heart of OMR Chennai, Dugout promises an interactive gaming experience that's a perfect fusion of excitement and fun. It's the ultimate destination for families, friends, and corporate groups alike, with team activities starting at just Rs. 200.

Get ready to dive into India's first-ever indoor interactive entertainment hub right in the buzzing technological centre of Chennai! Embark on a journey of unparalleled joy and excitement with our star attractions – Super Grid, Mirror Maze, Infinity Room, and Laser Maze. Join us for extreme interactive activities!

At Dugout X, each adventure is an interactive team activity that combines cutting-edge technology and physical activity to elevate your:

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Hand-Eye Coordination
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Multitasking Ability
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Strategic Thinking
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Visual Simulation

Whether you're immersing yourself in the futuristic journey of the Infinity Room or putting your ninja skills to the test in the Laser Maze, Dugout X promises a one-of-a-kind interactive activity that caters to visitors of all ages.

Experience a redefined era of interactive entertainment at Marina Mall, OMR Chennai. Let the excitement unfold at Dugout X – where every moment is a thrilling adventure!

Dugout X Activities

Interactive Adventures Begin Here

Vector image of super grid game.
Super Grid

Experience the extraordinary with over 100 touch-sensitive LED floor tiles and light-up wall buttons that seamlessly blend technology with sports.

  • Illuminating Wall Buttons
  • Vibrant Multi-Coloured Floor
  • NeoPixel Screens and LED Buttons
Vector icon of laser maze.
Laser Maze

Put your agility to the ultimate test as you crawl, leap, and dodge through Dugout's Laser Maze – a spy movie-like challenge.

  • Extensive Laser Network
  • Thermal Surveillance
  • Arcade Blasters
Vector icon of mirror maze in Chennai.
Mirror Maze

Engage your mind with challenging puzzles and captivating visual illusions in the Mirror Maze, creating a disorienting experience with endless reflections.

  • Hall of Mirrors
  • Geometric Patterns With Kaleidoscopic Effect
  • Interactive and Immersive Experiences
Image of vector icon showing infinity room.
Infinity Room

Step into the future with visual wonders, captivating music, and multi-sensory thrills in the Infinity Room – where you'll believe the unbelievable!

  • Electric Beats
  • Endless Corridors
  • Multi-Sensual Experiences
Safety First

Safety Guidelines We Follow

Dugout X is an indoor adventure haven brought to life by Dugout Sports & Entertainment Limited. Nestled in Marina Mall, OMR – your go-to spot for dining, entertainment, and shopping – Dugout X activities promise an exciting experience suitable for all ages at ​​prices starting from just Rs. 200.

Our dedicated Dugout staff is well-trained to uphold safety guidelines, ensuring a worry-free adventure. Your safety is our priority, and we've got some ground rules to make sure your experience is both thrilling and secure:

Avoid running inside the maze.
Keep your hands off the lasers.
Follow the instructions of our expert staff.
Use your athletic shoes for optimal fun.
Listen to the gaming rules before getting started.
Always stick to age and health restrictions.

Dugout X @TheMarinaMall

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific duration for each Super Grid session?
Yes, the length of each Super Grid session can differ. However, players are usually given a fixed amount of time to engage fully in the game. Our team will share details about the session durations and assist you throughout.
Is it okay to wear normal shoes during Super Grid gameplay?
Absolutely, regular athletic footwear that's good for indoor use is perfect. We suggest choosing comfy shoes to make the most of the active gameplay.
What's the usual time it takes to get through the Mirror Maze?
Navigating the Mirror Maze can take different amounts of time for different people. However, most visitors typically spend about 10 minutes wandering through the maze of optical illusions. This time frame contributes to the fun and adventure of the distinctive interactive experience.
Is it possible to buy tickets for the Infinity Room online?
No. Dugout X doesn't provide tickets online. Instead, you can just walk in anytime and get your tickets for the Infinity Room or any other interactive activity for your team.
Is there a cap on how many people can be in the Infinity Room at once?
No. We do not limit the number of people in the Infinity Room at any given time. Feel free to bring your entire team for a fun-filled, interactive, extreme adventure.
Can I use my own laser tag gear in the Laser Maze at Dugout?
To maintain safety and fairness, bringing personal laser tag equipment to the Laser Maze is not permitted. Dugout X supplies all the required gear, guaranteeing an enjoyable and uniform experience for all participants.
Does the Laser Maze offer various levels of difficulty?
Absolutely, the Laser Maze is designed with different levels of difficulty to accommodate participants of all skill levels. So, whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro looking for a challenge, the maze promises an exciting and engaging experience for everyone.

Experience the Excitement

It's time to challenge yourself and your team members with thrilling interactive activities at Dugout X. Reserve your tickets now and start the adventure!
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