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Play and experience action packed mini football in a world class sporting facility.
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Football like never before, Enjoy Futsal @ Dugout

Dugout at OMR and Velachery introduces you to the exciting, intense, and exhilarating world of FUTSAL - an athletic game that will bring you back for more.

What’s Futsal?

Futsal is a high-energy, action-packed indoor version of football, officially recognized by FIFA and UEFA. The 5‑a‑side Futsal has also emerged as the favourite game of amateur footballers. If you're looking for an indoor game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Futsal at Dugout is your answer!

Dugout is the first futsal turf of its kind in Chennai, featuring high-class amenities to make your sporting experience an unforgettable one.
7000 square feet of surface area
19mm multi-sport turf
Ample car parking space
Change room
Flood lights
Futsal ARENA

Futsal, A Foot Game With All-Round Benefits

Futsal is a fun-filled, thrilling, soccer game that teaches various techniques and ball-control skills. This five-a-side sport is all about mastering speed and dexterity during the game. Having earned the prestigious recognition of FIFA’s official form of indoor soccer, Futsal is now played by millions of players in more than a hundred countries. The game is equally popular amongst adults and children who fervently play it at professional and recreational levels.

Playing Futsal helps in
Making quick and sound decisions.
Improving accuracy with the ball.
Increasing power with the ball’s weight.
Improving reaction time.
Facing opponents with more confidence.
Instilling creativity in outwitting opponents.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is "Dugout futsal"?
The dugout football turf in Chennai is big enough to accommodate many players at a time. A large number of members or players can participate in a game of dugout futsal. Teaching them the fundamentals of the game and giving them the self-assurance to try new things, both with and without the ball, can help them become better players.
What kind of ball is used in futsal?
The futsal ball bounces less than that a standard soccer ball. However, it is heavier and smaller than a regular soccer ball. The ball's low weight holds it on the ground, facilitating more controlled touches. These features are meant to assist in the growth of self-assurance and confidence on a hard court.
What kind of footwear should athletes wear?
Dugout's futsal turf in Chennai recommends players wear shoes with a flat soles without cleats for play. If you have only basketball shoes, you can use them during the initial training phase, but investing in indoor soccer shoes is always better.
Are there limits on team size?
To play futsal, you'll need a team of five people (four field players and one goalkeeper). While playing in the Dugout futsal turf in Chennai, a maximum of fourteen players for each team are allowed.
Which futsal surfaces do you provide?
The Dugout's football turf in Chennai is recyclable, built for 5-on-5 futsal, with a perfect design. We maintain the best hygiene protocols focusing more on cleanliness. The flooring is a high-quality alternative to the standard basketball flooring and other hard multi-use surfaces that vastly improve the sport's experience.
Can players bring their own soccer balls? Should they buy a new one?
Dugout's futsal turf in Chennai supplies game balls. Use the ones in our facility and become a pro without investing much. Purchasing a ball is unnecessary if you don't plan on taking your futsal practices outside.
What kind of clothes are appropriate for a Futsal match?
The right attire and footwear will help you stay safe and play with utmost comfort. Dugout's football turf in Chennai recommends you wear a t-shirt, shorts, socks, and shin guards. All of our teams require tennis shoes.
Does futsal have any age or gender restrictions?
We accept children of all ages beginning in kindergarten. Dugout with a team of professional staff to monitor kids, we welcome people of all age groups. Our segregated kid’s area makes it easier to manage toddlers.
How big is your futsal field?
Dugout's football turf in Chennai uses 19mm multi-sport grass on our 7,000 square foot futsal pitch. You cannot find anything like ours in Chennai. We have the most spacious futsal turf and follow international standards to provide world-class amenities to players.
Is it possible for my kid to participate in different sports?
The answer is yes. We encourage our players, especially the younger ones, to try out for more than one team. By learning a lot of games, they will become physically and mentally strong with great potential to overcome life's challenges in a positive way.
Do you provide tryouts, and if so, when can I schedule one?
New kids and players are always welcome to join the team! We are open at all times during the day and will be pleased to offer you the best physical workout from our end. To schedule a time to try it out, please get in touch with us.
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