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A Complete Guide on the Various Trampoline Jumping Activities

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Trampolines have evolved substantially safer since their inception and continue to do so today. They're now of a higher quality, and easier to install. They have evolved from a sports prop to a terrific item for health activities, to develop the body and enjoy the finest family fun. A great trampoline is one of the open-type sports gear that helps youngsters and the entire family develop creativity by allowing them to construct their own activities. Let's look at some fun suggestions to try out at the trampoline park in Chennai, which will amp up your trampoline activity.

A Brief on Basic Tranpoline Jumps & Activities

The first step to safety is to always start with fundamental trampoline tricks and jumps, such as

  • Bottom Bounce
  • The Front Drop
  • The Jumping Jack
  • The Turtle Drop
  • The Praying Mantis
  • The Flying Ballerina
  • The Rolling Stone
  • The Pancake Drop

Safe landings are essential for avoiding accidents, so remember that balance is the foundation, and landing technique is vital as the jump. More information on fundamental leaps and how to accomplish them are elaborated below.

Fun Activities to Try at A Trampoline Park

Popular trampoline jumps that you can try include:

Trapeze Act

If you've ever admired acrobats' trapeze skills, trampolines are your opportunity to display them. A trapeze is a small bar suspended from two ropes at a given height. Swing in the sky over the cushioned airbag while holding the trapeze using your hands. Jump from the trapeze onto a soft airbag to guarantee a secure landing. While swinging, you can try out different stunts or simply enjoy the sensation of flying.

Free Jump

Airbags are the ideal equipment in trampoline parks since they offer a smooth landing regardless of height. A free fall on airbags is a famous adrenaline rush stunt. It's so simple that anyone can do it. When you land, all you have to do is make your entire body tight.


Flipping looks amazing; this maneuver is highly common in trampoline parks. Front, back, and side flips are possible in the pike, tuck and straight postures. To begin, jump with both feet while pumping your hands to gain height. A flip requires good spatial alignment and coordination.

Thrust your shoulders forth after bouncing and lower your face to your chest when performing a front flip. Tuck your legs in, elevate your hips, and immediately thrust your heels back. This movement propels you towards a forward flip and allows you to land on both feet.


Trampolines allow you to spin your body around the horizontal axis and so along the longitudinal axis. To begin, jump with your feet and pump your hands to gain height. Then, rotate your body about its longitudinal axis by turning your shoulders and head sideways. Land with both feet, keeping your arms folded next to your body.

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Slackline Balance

Balance issues can also be entertaining in a trampoline park. Slacklines can be used to test your balance. Slacklining is built on the body's rapid awareness of motion and its response to the mechanics of its surroundings. You will always slackline over airbags, ensuring a safe landing.

Gladiator Games With Battle Beam

Trampoline will allow you to evaluate your abilities in gladiator games. The battle beam is ideal for challenging a partner to a balancing battle. Your only weapon will be a lengthy foamy cylindrical pad with which you will attempt to knock your competitor off the beam.

Beginner Trampoline Tricks: Mastering the Fundamentals for Jumping

Are you a beginner at trampolining? You can practice these easy and simple tricks to help you accomplish the more sophisticated ones later:

Drop Seat 

A seat drop jump is the easiest jump to learn. To try this feat, begin by leaping up and down, increasing the bounce with each hop. You will land in a sitting position; your legs stretched out in front of you. Swing your feet ahead of you when you arrive at the high jumps. Always keep your arms beside you, palms towards the trampoline mat. Finally, after landing, return to an upright position.

Tummy Drop

A stomach drop jump involves landing on the trampoline pad while looking downwards and rebounding to the upright posture. Tummy drop jumps begin by leaping and increasing the bounce with each step. When you're high enough, lean forward and stretch your feet as much as possible. To protect your face from the bounce, position your hand in the shape of a diamond in front of you. Then, using your arms, raise yourself to a standing posture.

Back Drop

Lean backwards till you can see the sky after you've jumped up and down a few times. Next, make a U-shaped curve with your body by pointing your legs and arms straight up. You'll bounce on your back and use the momentum to swing yourself upright. With this jumping method, the backdrop will have the greatest impact on your shoulder blades as you drop on your back.

The Bottomline

The trampoline provides a variety of healthy and enjoyable activities, but it is vital to keep the focus on safety when jumping. You can considerably boost your safety by using accessories and adhering to all safety precautions. Contact Dugout Trampoline and Sports Arena, the best sports arena in Chennai, to train on trampolines.

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