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A Comprehensive Guide on Zorb Ball

Zorbing is a thrilling sport wherein participants roll within a zorb. It is usually done on an inclined or flat surface. The competitions can be held on ramps built of metal or wood. Participants place themselves in a sealed ball before Zorbing. Playing Zorb ball in Chennai is a popular activity performed in water in theme parks. In the blog, let us get to know more about the Zorb ball and how it is played.

The Evolution and Thrills of Zorbing: From Humble Beginnings to Popular Recreational Sport

The origins of Zorbing can be traced back to the 1970s after hamster balls were introduced. Traditionally, the balls were made for little rodent pets. However, the first zorbing ball was documented in the 1980s when a Sports Club built a hollow globe of 23 meters with space for two chairs. Human spheres have been featured in the media since 1990 when the Gladiators tournament "Atlaspheres" was aired.

The actual sport of Zorbing emerged in the mid-1990s. Andrew Akers and David Akers introduced the innovative concept in New Zealand, Rotorua. Then the sport received a green flag and became enormously popular. In 1991, in a stunt scene in Jackie Chan's film, he included a flexible plastic sphere akin to a zorb ball. Zorb balls quickly became the most challenging activity in the world of explorers. Zorb Limited was established in New Zealand in 1994 to market zorb spheres.
Zorb mainly aimed to popularize the sport by selling additional activity balls. It is now widely conducted in several nations. Hill riding competitions are quite famous and commonly held in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Phuket, among other places. Many injuries in recent years have called the game's existence into question. In 2009 in the Czech Republic, one person died, and another was severely injured after their Zorbs veered off track.

Following a series of fatal accidents, Russian authorities enacted sports safety legislation in 2013. Two varieties of the orb are commonly employed in the activities: non-harnessed or harnessed orb. The harnessed orbs have a lower capacity than the non-harnessed orbs, which may carry 3 to 4 riders simultaneously. On the other hand, the harnessed one can only take 1 or 2 riders in a single shot.

The sport's primary goal is to be an exciting and recreational activity which anyone of any age can join. The zorbing ball is constructed of two independent, transparent plastic layers that are flexible and joined by a hundred strands that allow the ball to turn and roll properly. Zorbs are larger than beach balls and may easily be rolled downhill on a grassy or sloping surface with a rider inside. Participants are zip-locked within a bubble or zorb ball that is inflatable. The ball can be positioned on a slope and rolled downhill. The players attempt to maneuver themselves within the bubble in order to reach the end of the line as quickly as possible.

All You Need to Know About the Design of Zorb Ball

Although Van der Sluis and Akers popularized the term "zorb ball", their design isn't significantly different from that of Gilles Ebersolt twenty years earlier. The design of a zorb ball is simple and made of a PVC or vinyl ball enclosed within a larger ball. Hundreds of tiny nylon strings link the balls. A commercial blower is then used to inflate the outside ball. Through a tunnel-like tube, the person enters the interior ball. Some balls have only one entrance, whereas others have two.

A "donut," an extra inflatable that fills the entrance tubes, can close up one or both entrances. The zorb ball may be utilized on grass, hills, ice, snow, and other surfaces when unplugged. When the zorb ball is closed with a donut, it becomes sealed and can be used safely on the water. Some water-zorbing fans may also put a small amount of water within the ball for added enjoyment.

Exciting Variants of Zorbing

The different variants of Zorbing are:

Water Zorbing 

It's also called Hydro Zorbing since the participants sail unharnessed inside the Zorb. The participants glide down a hill of around 300 meters with 10 liters of water.

Zorbing With Harness 

Participants are fitted in zorbing balls and must ride down a high slope at high speed to the bottom. This is the dry equivalent of water zorbing.

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Zorbing With Water Bubbles 

Water bubble zorbing involves individuals fitting inside a zorb, attempting to traverse the distance to the end zone on a water surface.

Zorb Football 

It is a group activity in which players are piled within a zorb, enclosing the above half of their body. The players must kick the football into their opponent's goalposts. Bubble Football is another name for Zorb Football.

Last Words

These enjoyable balls have existed long enough and are not a passing craze. And they have been utilized enough to know they're generally safe. Contact Dugout Trampoline and Sports Arena, the best sports arena in Chennai, if you wish to enjoy playing Zorb in a safe and hygienic environment.

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